55% of Investors Don’t Understand Blockchain in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe

Blockchain technology is quite popular among investors and businessmen today. Yet, a recent survey by Techresearcho was an eye opener to the real scenario. The survey indicates that most of the traders, investors and businessmen in the crypto space don’t understand blockchain technology.

The main motto of the online survey was to understand the awareness level of the people who actively participate in social media, especially, LinkedIn, Twitter and Meta. The survey reports that over 55% of the participants neither understand the concept of blockchain technology, nor do they understand how the crypto market works. Let’s discuss the report in brief: 

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North America:

The report reveals that over 58% of participants from North America do not understand the basics of blockchain technology, and how it works. Moreover, they don’t even have the elementary knowledge of cryptocurrencies and its market.

Among the participants were 65% investors who reveal that they are not 100% sure about the authenticity and security of the software application available for crypto investment. 

45% of the altcoin investors revealed that they invested in cryptocurrency, because they were expecting a sudden rise in the price of currencies. 

The most shocking revelation that the reports show is that 60% of the blockchain, crypto, web3 farms and/ startup owners don’t have the proper road map for their project. A few of them are looking for the right guide or partner for their project.

Asia Pacific:

In the Asia Pacific region, the survey reports reveal that  more than 60% of the participants don’t have enough knowledge of blockchain technology. 70% of the traders are not sure about the security of the platform or app they use to trade. 55% of the altcoin investors have sold their currency for less than it was worth when they purchased it. 45% of the business owners in this field don’t have the proper road map and are looking for the right advisor for their project.

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The survey in the Europe region shows 40% of the investors don’t have enough knowledge on blockchain technology and how it works. 60% of the responders are not confident about the security of the app. 65% of altcoin investors have already lost their money, and more than 50% of the web3 businesses don’t have a proper plan or roadmap about their projects.

Despite these challenges, there is a strong willingness among 80% of traders and investors to learn more about blockchain and the crypto market. 

What the Future Holds?

The blockchain market size is growing rapidly, in 2023 the market size was 18 billion USD and it is expected to reach 1200 billion USD at the end of 2030. As the industry continues to grow, it is imperative for investors and business owners to gain a fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and assemble knowledgeable teams to ensure sustainable success.

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