Amber Group a Digital Wealth Management Company Partners with Thoughtworks

Amber Group, a well-known company that offers digital wealth management and crypto-focused liquidity solutions, announced their collaboration with ThoughtWorks, a prominent technology consulting firm, to create advanced tools and technologies that strive to improve transparency and trust within the Web3 realm.

As Amber Group reinforces its security efforts and expands its influence in the Asia Pacific region, which houses a thriving Web3 industry and an ideal setting for Web3 technology advancement, it has formed a partnership with ThoughtWorks. Collaboratively, they aim to create cutting-edge security solutions utilizing artificial intelligence that promotes transparency and trust in Web3. Additionally, they plan to develop products and services that conform to legal and regulatory norms regarding privacy and data protection. The collaboration aims to create technology that is socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable, focusing on generating solutions that benefit both society and the environment.

The partnership highlights the shared dedication of both companies towards fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem, while also addressing the escalating demand for dependable security solutions required by enterprises interested in venturing into Web3. The collaboration is envisioned to set a benchmark for other industry players striving to integrate these technologies and upgrade their operations.

Dr. Chiachih Wu, Partner and Head of Web3 Security Team at Amber Group, said: “We are excited to partner with Thoughtworks, a company that shares our commitment to security and excellence. This partnership will enable us to provide our customers with even more comprehensive and cutting-edge security solutions, such as automated software testing and AI-powered vulnerability detection. By leveraging our expertise in Web3 security and Thoughtworks’ leadership in integrating emerging technologies, we look forward to enhancing transparency, trust, and compliance in Web3.”

Song Zhang, Global Service Lines Lead of Thoughtworks, said: “To advance the development of the next-generation Internet, Web3 must use sophisticated engineering practices and scientific methods to address crucial issues caused by decentralization, such as security, privacy and compliance. Thoughtworks and Amber Group will collaborate to leverage their respective software design and security expertise. By using new technologies and tools, we aim to create new applications and new standards that promote the construction of a healthy, transparent, open, inclusive and responsible Web3 ecosystem.”

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Amber Group is a leading entity in the digital asset trading industry, providing a wide range of products and infrastructure to diverse organizations, including token issuers, banks, fintech companies, sports teams, game developers, brands, and creators. Serving as a core player in the market, this firm delivers liquidity to all significant exchanges, applications, and networks. With a remarkable $1 trillion in trading volumes since its inception, Amber Group has a team of more than 500 entrepreneurial technologists, traders, and engineers, who strive to eliminate trading barriers. The company operates globally and continuously, with headquarters in Singapore and a presence in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, EMEA, and North America.

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