Bulgarian Football Club Botev Plovdiv Accepts Bitcoin

Botev Plovdiv FC, the oldest football club in Bulgaria, has integrated Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for its financial transactions. Additionally, the soccer club has established a web3 presence on the decentralized social platform called Nostr.

Effective immediately, Botev will initiate the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment option for its merchandise, which can be used at the club’s fan shops and central stands during matches. In the near future, this Bitcoin payment choice will also extend to purchasing tickets and shopping in the club’s online store.

To encourage Bitcoin usage, Botev is providing the Bulgarian Bitcoin community with a 10% discount on all November 2023 purchases made using Bitcoin. Botev has collaborated with BTCPayServer, an open-source payment processor that enables Bitcoin and altcoin payments to implement this offer.

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BTCPayServer CEO, Nicolas Dorier, said, “Encouraging local adoption of Bitcoin has been our main focus this year. Seeing our open-source project working for local communities is extremely satisfying. We will continue to support such transformative endeavors.

Botev Plovdiv FC has collaborated with CryptoDesk.bg, a payment processor, for technical assistance in integrating Bitcoin payments. The club has also partnered with BitcoinizePOS for their Bitcoin point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

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Botev Plovdiv FC’s president, Anton Zingarevich, expresses his enthusiasm for this innovation. He commented, “We are enthusiastic about this technology, which is opening up new possibilities and holds the potential to become a fundamental aspect of our lives, much like the Internet did.”

Additionally, Botev has established a presence on Nostr, a decentralized protocol providing censorship-resistant social media platforms. This enables fans to stay informed about Plovdiv. Through the adoption of these innovations, Botev aims to modernize and promote the sport of football.

The move to embrace Bitcoin and decentralised technologies in football by Botev is, however, not new. Real Bedford, a United Kingdom-based football club, was the first in the world to adopt Bitcoin and initiate the trend. With new clubs like Botev joining the trend, the adoption of Bitcoin in football is growing rapidly.

Botev’s decision to embrace Bitcoin and decentralized technologies in football is part of a growing trend. However, this isn’t a new development. Real Bedford, a football club based in the United Kingdom, was the first in the world to adopt Bitcoin and set the trend. As more clubs like Botev join this movement, the adoption of Bitcoin in football is gaining momentum.

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