Founder Loses $125K in Crypto Airdrop Scam

In a shocking revelation, a founder of a wallet startup recently shared a devastating experience on Twitter. He disclosed that he fell victim to a crypto airdrop scam, losing a staggering $125,000 worth of stEth while attempting to claim the $LFG airdrop. The founder expressed deep distress, especially considering his role in a company dedicated to enhancing wallet security.

@BillLou95, the founder on Twitter, shared the incident in tweets. He followed what seemed to be a legitimate guide for the airdrop. Unfortunately, he unknowingly clicked on a malicious link, leading him to a scam website instead of the real platform.

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One crucial aspect of this unfortunate incident was the founder’s choice of wallet. Instead of using his own Nest Wallet, he opted for Metamask due to a test version being installed on his device for bug fixing. In a bitter twist of irony, he mentioned that had he used his wallet, it would have detected the scam, emphasizing his frustration with both Metamask and his own lapse in judgment.

Expressing regret over his actions, the founder criticized Metamask and condemned his own oversight, citing the allure of claiming an airdrop at midnight as a contributing factor.

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He emphasized the urgency of reporting the scam website, which can be distinguished from the authentic one by its URL: (SCAM)
versus (REAL)

This incident is a stark reminder of the dangers in the cryptocurrency space. Even those knowledgeable in blockchain can fall prey to scams. The openly founder admitted, despite reading about such incidents, he never thought it could happen to him.

The unfortunate reality of cryptocurrency scams is that they often exploit unsuspecting victims through seemingly innocuous messages or articles. In this case, a simple message and the allure of a midnight airdrop claimed a significant financial loss.

The founder seeks community assistance, aiming to raise awareness about the crypto airdrop scam. The incident highlights the need for due diligence, even for seasoned individuals in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s a call to action for increased vigilance to safeguard against potential scams in the future.

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