FraXion Introduces First STO in the U.S.

Randolph & Main Capital Group (RMCG) has launched FraXion (FRXN), a debt Security Token. FraXion targets retail investors who want to invest in high-demand real estate projects alongside institutional investors in the US. The Tokens have a 5-year lifespan and offer a 10% annual cash yield. They also provide an impressive 5-year internal rate of return (IRR) of 150%.

RMCG has partnered with reputable developers for the allocation of net proceeds from the FraXion Security Token Offering (STO). The partners include Donahue Peebles, the largest minority real estate developer in the US, and Royal Palm Companies, a prominent real estate development firm based in Florida.

“This is a very exciting time for RMCG and FraXion, but an even more exciting time for retail real estate investors who have traditionally been locked out of institutional-grade real estate investment opportunities due to high minimum investments and other barriers to entry. FraXion is all about access. By pooling the investment capital of many, we can invest substantial sums as one, which grants our investors entry into the institutional world.”
– Demetrius Ford, MD of Digital Assets, RMCG

In the initial weeks of the STO, FraXion has successfully sold 250,000 tokens. Additionally, the company has secured a funding round of $250,000 from Park Place Consultants. This funding will be utilized to support the marketing and promotion activities of the FraXion Token.

“We are excited for the launch of the Fraxion Token and the opportunity it brings to the marketplace, a new way of Real Estate Investing. We are humbled and honored to be part of such an extraordinary team at Randolph & Main, and these are the types of projects we look to support.”

-Rashidah “Roz” Billups, Principal at Park Place Consultants.

Tokenization of Real Estate by FraXion

The FraXion Token brings a revolutionary change to the Fintech industry by combining the benefits of tokenization and blockchain technology with high-quality real estate. This unique offering appeals to investors who typically avoid the crypto market. FraXion serves as an advanced platform for investors to establish long-lasting wealth in Real Estate using Blockchain technology. By forming strategic alliances and partnerships with accomplished real estate developers in the United States, FraXion empowers token holders to invest in income-generating properties and commercially viable land. Through the creation of “Digital Asset Partners,” FraXion opens doors for investors to participate in prime real estate opportunities.

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The FraXion Ecosystem offers global investors fractionalization, liquidity, and access. The FraXion Token serves as an application blockchain asset, registered on the Ethereum blockchain. Ownership of the blockchain asset is established by recording the owner’s unique identifier address and the corresponding asset amount on the blockchain ledger.

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