NFT Platform VIMworld Gives out Millions in Reward Tokens for Its Users

VIMworld, the prominent utility platform for blockchain-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is excited to announce a significant upgrade to its rewards program. This latest update brings a host of new rewards for user actions within the VIMworld ecosystem, aiming to enhance user engagement and provide increased value to the community. The upgrade introduces new Leaderboard categories, expanded rewards, monthly giveaways on Gleam, and improved transparency in rewards distribution. VIMworld will be rewarding its users with 2.5 million POWA tokens and 1 million VEED prizes this month alone.

One of the key features of this upgrade is the addition of new Leaderboard categories, enriching the competitive nature of VIMworld. The previous Top Trader category has been divided into Top VIM Trader, Top EGGs Trader, and Top Companions Trader, catering to the most active users on the Marketplace. Each of these categories will have dedicated Leaderboards for both VEED and BNB cryptocurrencies. This exciting change means users now have six rewarding categories to compete in, effectively tripling the available rewards.

To accompany these new Leaderboards, VIMworld has revealed updated monthly $POWA payouts for the new categories. Users will have the opportunity to earn significant rewards based on their performance and achievements in the Leaderboards, encouraging active participation and trading activities within the platform.

In addition, VIMworld has launched a month-long giveaway on social media platforms, offering 1 million VEED in prizes distributed among 20 winners. Participants can enter the May giveaway until June 16 via Gleam by following official social media accounts, joining the VIMworld Discord, completing a survey, and referring friends.

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To provide greater transparency, VIMworld has introduced a new feature in the Dashboard Rewards section, displaying a detailed breakdown of users’ VEED rewards. This breakdown will showcase the specific sources of VEED rewards, including Companions, Blessings, and other means. This enhancement ensures users can easily track and understand how they are earning VEED within the VIMworld ecosystem.

To get started on VIMworld, users can purchase a new SmartNFT in the Arcade or acquire a pre-owned one from the Marketplace, offering a range of tiers and treasures. With a VIM in hand, users can further expand their opportunities to play and earn by purchasing Boxes in the Store, which contain unique and rare EGGs. Users can also purchase an Incubator and a C-tier or higher VIM to start the hatching process, now available for all users to enjoy.

These exciting upgrades on VIMworld provide users with more ways to have fun and earn rewards, establishing it as one of the most thrilling platforms available. Interested individuals can visit VIMworld, join the Discord community, or watch the Vision Video to learn more. Stay tuned for upcoming releases from VIMworld, including games, decentralized finance (DeFi) features, and enhanced multi-chain compatibility, coming soon.

To access VIMworld and explore all its features, users can download the purpose-built crypto and NFT wallet, Nufinetes, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices, as well as desktop computers. This comprehensive multi-chain wallet enables interaction with dApps, viewing NFT collections, and storing tokens securely in a user-friendly environment.

Source: VIMworld

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