Top Blockchain Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023

“A leader is a dealer in hope. —Napoleon Bonaparte”

There’s little doubt that blockchain technology is set to change the future of business. Not only finances, but it will also reform the way we think about “business” today by increasing safety, and security and reducing the time for commercial and industrial processes. Already there have been major outbreaks in this field, thanks to some of the industry leaders who, on recognizing the immense potential of blockchain, have now become eminent blockchain entrepreneurs, educating and helping leading organizations to invest in the technology.

Let us give you a few names along with their contributions in this sector. If you are a budding entrepreneur, or a company looking forward to incorporating blockchain in its business processes, following them can give you some insight into this technology and its latest developments.

Robert A. Küfner

One of the blockchain pioneers from Germany, Kufner established Germany’s first publicly-listed blockchain company – Advanced Blockchain AG. At present, he involves himself in conducting research and providing tangible solutions to blockchain enterprises across the globe.

Atsu Davoh

The founder and CEO of Bitsika, a blockchain application for easy money transfers and crypto trading, Davoh’s primary aim is to make Bitsika the biggest payments app in Africa. His app helps in money transfers across international borders more seamlessly than ever.

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Tim Dierckxens

The Belgium-based blockchain entrepreneur uses his company, Venly (previously known as Arkane Network) to build a multi-chain platform that will enable NFT minting, wallet services, and APIs to help companies across the globe to incorporate blockchain into their systems seamlessly.

Mimi Idada

Mildred Idada or Mimi Idada, as she is popularly referred to, is widely known for her contribution to increasing diversity in the blockchain space and breaking down conventions and barriers. She founded the Open Web Collective, which is involved in funding and supporting blockchain start-ups across the globe.

Adam Jiwan

The founder of Spring Labs, Jiwan uses blockchain technology to renovate the credit and data identity space. He makes the most of his 15 years of experience to develop fintech companies that work to reshape the future of data accessing and handling. He has worked as a seed investor of Avant, and co-founder of Future Finance, and this immense experience makes it possible for him to innovate ideas that will reshape the blockchain space.

Alexander Meurer

He is one of the world’s leading crypto market analysts, who shares all his acquired knowledge on his YouTube channel, AMCrypto. He developed his first blockchain business back in the 2015s and hence has immense knowledge and experience in the blockchain market. Within 10 months, he had accumulated a wealth of 2 million Euros from $5000 in 2018. Being an inspiration to many, he aspires to invest in 250+ blockchain companies and empower business owners and individuals in their pursuit to incorporate blockchain into their systems.

Mihkel Kerem

He is the co-founder and CEO of MitBit Consulting, one of the world’s leading fintech and blockchain consulting firms that has handled over 100 renowned blockchain projects, like Gunzilla, Clover Finance, Kira Network, etc. Mihkel has also organized one of the biggest in-person hackathons in Dubai and is also the brand ambassador of the International Blockchain Olympiad for the Eastern European region.

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Alena Vranova

The CEO of SatoshiLabs, one of the most popular Bitcoin players in the globe, Vranova left her job in a traditional financial company in 2013 to realize her dream in the blockchain space. There has been no looking back since then. She is an eminent blockchain entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry, inspiring many to follow in her footsteps.

Blockchain technology is witnessing an upward trajectory of growth, especially after the pandemic brought the world to a standstill for a brief period. Individuals, business owners, and large-scale enterprises are realizing their potential to transform and innovate several sectors, and leaders are educating the masses about the benefits of the same. You can follow them, and tune into their vlogs, and other public channels where they share vital information about blockchain and its latest developments. Once this space gets a bit organized and the regulatory bodies become a little more tolerant of its applications, the technology can reshape the future of business (financial, or otherwise).

Stay tuned for more interesting observations and updates on blockchain technology and its widespread applications.

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