Top White Label Crypto Broker Platforms To Watch In 2024

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A white label crypto broker platform is a ready-to-use solution for businesses and enterprises. They only need to make a few customizations if necessary and can add their own branding. Afterward, they can use it as a crypto broker platform or as a ready-to-use exchange under their own identity. Before opting for a white label crypto broker platform, enterprises need to assess the platform they are going to obtain in its white label version. Additionally, they must check the legal requirements and licenses needed to operate the broker platform across their target regions.

What is a Crypto Broker Platform?

A crypto broker platform is a software that acts as an intermediary and provides support to crypto traders who want to trade, buy, sell their cryptocurrencies online. These platforms work as a middleman between crypto exchange and traders.

How is a White Label Crypto Broker Platform Different from Crypto Exchange?

  • Cryptocurrency brokers act as a middleman/ intermediary for cryptocurrency traders. Whereas crypto exchange provides the platform where digital assets owners can trade, buy, sell their cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto brokers can fix their own price and fees for respective digital assets, whereas crypto exchanges maintain a standard crypto price and they may not charge/ or add low trading fees compared to crypto broker platforms.
  • Crypto brokers platform is ideal for those who are new in the crypto industry, or have little or no knowledge. Crypto brokers make trading easy, as traders can buy assets simply using credit/debit card. Whereas trading in crypto exchange may need additional precaution, crypto market knowledge, recent update in the crypto industry.
  • Crypto broker platforms are more secure compared to crypto exchanges, there are in news crypto exchanges that can always be targeted by hackers, whereas crypto broker platforms take more precautions, add more security lawyers to protect their users.
  • Number of digital assets are limited in crypto broker platforms, they pick their cryptocurrencies and allow users to trade those assets. Crypto exchanges have more cryptos in their list.
  • Number of crypto broker platforms is low as compared to crypto exchanges.
  • Crypto brokers are generally governed by respective jurisdiction, and follow standard protocol. Whereas crypto exchanges are not governed by laws and jurisdiction, however, in recent times top global crypto exchanges are working on getting their business legitimately.
top white label crypto exchange providers to watch out

What are the Main Features of a Crypto Broker Platform?

  1. Security:
    Crypto broker platforms are more secure compared to crypto exchanges. They act as a middleman and guide users to maintain all the safety protocols they offer. There is very little chance to hack any renowned crypto broker platform.
  2. Regulated:
    Crypto broker platforms are governed by respective jurisdiction and run their business legally, if any unwanted incident happens, they must refund users’ invested amount.
  3. Easy to Invest:
    Crypto broker platforms are very popular to newbiz or who are new to the crypto industry but want to invest and earn money. Crypto broker platforms make crypto investment easy. Users can simply buy/ invest crypto using their debit-credit card, internet banking.
  4. Customer support:
    Crypto broker platforms generally provide 24×7 customer support. They are very active and available for any inquiries, and guide traders to solve their issues.

What is White Label Crypto Broker Platform?

White label crypto broker platform is a software that is ready to use for any brand. Entrepreneurs, startups, enterprises who want to start their own crypto broker business, they can buy the software, customize it according to their need and add their own branding. It’s a ready to launch software often used by entrepreneurs and startups. Nowadays it becomes popular like white label crypto exchange platforms. There are many crypto broker platforms who provide the white label crypto broker platform for other businesses.

What are the Top White Label Crypto Broker Platform Providers?

1. B2Broker:

B2B Broker logo

B2Broker is a global crypto exchange and a leading white label crypto broker platform provider. There edge cutting solutions used by more then 500 global clients. This company spread over 11 countries and have more then 400 employees.

Solutions They Provide:

  1. White label crypto broker platform
  2. White label forex broker platform
  3. Crypto spot exchange
  4. Crypto instant spot converter

2. TradeCore:

tradecore logo

TradeCore is a renowned provider of white label crypto broker platforms. Founded by a former derivatives trader, this company has earned the trust of global enterprises and has millions of users. The organization provides a fully customizable platform where entrepreneurs and businesses can launch their own branded crypto broker platform within four weeks.

Solutions They Offered:

  1. White label crypto broker platform
  2. White label crypto exchage platform
  3. The Core, A powerful ledgering system
  4. Digital banking solution
  5. Capital market solution
  6. FX Broker solutions

3. WL Global Solutions:

WL Global Solutions logo

The WL Global Solutions team consists of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. Their expert team has a decade of experience in the web3 and crypto software industry. This company only provides software development services and does not offer any crypto exchange for trading. They believe in three key principles: experience, technology awareness, and client satisfaction. In addition to the white label crypto broker platform, this Kingston-based company provides white label crypto exchange, crypto trading platform, and Crypto Liquidity Aggregator.

Solutions they offered:

  1. White label crypto broker platform
  2. White label crypto exchange platform
  3. Crypto trading platform
  4. Crypto liquidity aggregator

4. OspreyFX:

OspreyFX logo

OspreyFX is one of the top white label crypto broker platforms. This brokerage platform provides a secure ECN trading environment which permits traders to trade exclusively online. At OspreyFX, traders can benefit from institutional grade liquidity of the top investment banks, as well as completely transparent dark pool liquidity execution venues. Main features of OspreyFX are practices of the STP execution model, Market leading affiliate program, 24/7 customer support, Lightning fast ECN broker, Two-factor authentication and more.

Solutions Offered:

  1. White label crypto broker platform
  2. Forex Trading Education
  3. Traders Competitions
  4. Affiliate Program
  5. Commission Matching Program

5. KOT4X

KOT4X logo

Kings of Transparency (KOT) is an online Crypto and Forex Broker platform. This firm provides the most advanced technology and security system to traders to trade on their platform. This financial brokerage form offers trading starting from USD 10, supports more than 55 global currencies and 31 cryptocurrencies and more than 100 stocks, 8 indices across the globe. Their leverage ratio is 1:1500.

Key Features:

  1. Fast and updated System
  2. Used most advanced security features
  3. Platform for genuine brokers
  4. Corporate Sign Up
  5. White label solutions for both forex and crypto brokerage

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