US Retail Stores Targeted by Scammers Using Bomb Threats for Bitcoin and Gift Cards

According to the Wall Street Journal, law enforcement agencies in the United States are currently investigating bomb threats that have been targeting grocery operators and various other stores across the country. The threats involve demands for gift cards, bitcoin, or money as reported on Sunday.

Retail companies like Kroger, Walmart, and Whole Foods Market have received these threats in recent months. The threats typically involve demands for gift cards, bitcoin, or money, with the threat of detonating bombs if the payments are not made.

Kroger has acknowledged the suspicious activities and is collaborating with local law enforcement and the FBI to investigate similar threats at various retail stores nationwide.

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These threats have been reported in different regions, from New Mexico to Wisconsin. Incidents include a Kroger-owned store in New Mexico where an employee was asked to wire money under the threat of a bomb detonation, and a suburb near Chicago where a Whole Foods Market employee was told about a pipe bomb in the store and demanded $5,000 in bitcoin.

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The FBI is coordinating with local and state law-enforcement officials and urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. It remains uncertain whether these threats are part of an organized effort, as stated in the report.

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