WenMint Introduces WEN Token a Memecoin

WenMint, a prominent NFT launchpad in the Web3 domain, has made significant strides by establishing a new entity called WEN Token LLC. They have also unveiled their latest creation, a unique memecoin known as WEN TOKEN. The company’s primary objective is to showcase the distinctiveness of memecoins in the crypto world, emphasizing their potential to foster unity within communities and generate significance that extends beyond initial hype.

WEN TOKEN, supported by the reputable WenMint, has been intricately designed around the widely recognized “Wen” meme. This fresh token assumes the role of a governance token for WEN DAO and is anticipated to be launched simultaneously on Ethereum and Polygon networks.

WEN Token, Moving Beyond Pre-Sales

WenMint is fully dedicated to ensuring a fair launch for $WEN TOKEN. They have made a firm decision to eliminate pre-sales and team allocations. WenMint strongly believes that pre-sales are not conducive to their vision and considers them to be insignificant. Instead, WenMint is taking full responsibility for establishing the initial liquidity pool and collaborating with other prominent liquidity providers in the industry to enhance liquidity. This commitment is the result of two years of hard work in the Web 3 field, which involved building a community and developing groundbreaking solutions.

$WEN TOKEN is scheduled to have a stealth fair launch, where no specific time or date will be announced in advance. All official links will be simultaneously released on Twitter. To ensure transparency and fairness, the initial liquidity pool will be locked, and the contract will be renounced.

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Empowering Decentralized Autonomy with WEN Token

To promote decentralization, the DAO treasury will receive 10% of the overall supply of $WEN TOKEN. Each $WEN held represents one voting right, ensuring democratic decision-making among community members. The ultimate goal is to foster a decentralized community comprising highly knowledgeable individuals from the crypto world. WenMint is fully dedicated to cultivating an organic community through diligence, positive energy, and without imposing any extra transaction fees or “taxes.” The team firmly believes that the existing gas costs in the current trading landscape are already burdensome enough.

The $WEN TOKEN will be launched with a stealth fair approach, devoid of any team allocation or pre-sale. It will have a total supply of 420 billion tokens, with the distribution as follows: 10% allocated to a staking pool, 10% for centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEXes/DEXes), 10% for the DAO treasury, 10% for marketing, 20% for an airdrop, and 40% for the initial liquidity pool (LP).

In a remarkable initiative, WenMint is preparing for the most extensive memecoin airdrop in the history of Web3. To facilitate this, WenMint is establishing a decentralized community known as WEN DAO and extending an invitation to every NFT community with which it has collaborated over the past two years.

Source: WEN Token LLC

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