How to Expand the Crypto Brokerage Business

Cryptocurrency is popular today, mainly because of its distributed ledger technology that makes it transparent, traceable and immutable. The crypto market was overflowing in November 2021, with bitcoin reaching its overall highest point. However, since the beginning of 2022, with the fall of TERRAUSD, a shockwave has traveled across the industry and shook the trust and confidence of crypto investors from the core. 

Ever since the fall of TerraUSD, the value of cryptocurrencies are plummeting, with Bitcoin reaching $21,200. Yet, many investors are taking advantage of the situation and investing in crypto. The demand for crypto traders has led to the need for crypto brokers in the industry to help fresh investors make smart investments. Are you looking for venturing out into a crypto brokerage business? Here’s everything you need to know to expand your business. 

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What is a Crypto Brokerage Business?

The growing crypto trend brings a perfect opportunity for institutional investors and enterprises to start their very own crypto brokerage business. However, it is important to understand what it is, and how it can make a living out of the broker business. 

A crypto broker is the one that helps traders in their trading decisions, and in exchanges of cryptocurrency to fiat and vice-versa. The brokers are a guide for new crypto investors in the market to understand the game and make profits. Some other service that the crypto brokerage business offers is crypto liquidity. 

Being one of the top players in the crypto brokerage business, PayBito provides innovative solutions using its liquidity, and technology. The firm also offers a white label crypto broker platform for institutional investors and enterprises to start their very own branded crypto broker platform with in-built features, of 20 fiat currencies and 400+ crypto markets. With PayBito, investors can start their own trading platform within a few days. 

How to Expand Your Crypto Brokerage Business?

A crypto brokerage business is a new model that combines the best of both worlds, a crypto trading platform and a brokerage service. Other than extending a crypto market to its crypto trading clients, the platform provides unique opportunities that may not have been possible with simple exchange platforms. 

The crypto market, although volatile has huge potential and is only growing. The main reason behind this is no need for bank accounts, and cross-border transactions are conducted immediately at low costs. The number of crypto brokers is increasing along with its clients. If you have ventured into a crypto brokerage business, here’s how you can expand it. 

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1. Branded exchange

Crypto is a huge industry and has a lot of potential in the future. With a market capitalization of $1.01 trillion, various crypto exchanges have emerged over the years. With a crypto brokerage business, your company can provide both the services of exchange and brokerage to its customers. An already branded crypt brokerage business is an added advantage, as you already have a customer database. Therefore, for a quick business expansion, opt for branded white label crypto broker platform. 

2. Payment solutions

White label crypto broker programs are readymade which enables you to avail many services without looking for them in the market. Payment processes make it easy for you and your client to receive payments. The PayBito platform consists of twenty fiat currencies and payment software solutions that make payments easy.

3. Banking solutions

The Crypto brokerage business helps clients to make successful trading transactions, among traders and brokers. With the readymade broker exchange platform, it comes with an in-built banking solution that is immediately available.

4. KYC Solutions

The KYC or Know-your-customer solution helps to get details from your clients, verify them, and register in your account. The Crypto brokerage business is built on blockchain technology which is the best platform when it comes to traceability, transparency, and immutability. PayBito’s KYC solutions are built on blockchain technology and is available in its white label crypto broker program. 

5. Liquidity Pools

Financial markets and cryptocurrency are both dependent on liquidity pools. If there is low liquidity flow in the market, it takes a lot of time to convert an asset into cash. High liquidity pools help to start the process of turning assets into cash by preventing sudden changes in price. PayBito’s crypto broker platform offers liquidity pools to make it easy for brokers and traders. 

Wrapping Up

Cryptocurrency has huge potential in the future and may become the next-gen finance. With the emerging crypto traders in the market, the need for brokers is growing. With the huge potential for the crypto broker business in the sector, availing of a branded white label crypto broker platform is the need of the hour.

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