India Blockchain Forum launched in Hyderabad

The Indian Blockchain Forum was formally launched in Hyderabad, Telangana on 21st August 2022. The aim is to make India, the world’s Blockchain & Web 3.0 Hub as well as build an Indian Blockchain stack, among others. Key Influencers working in Indian Blockchain Industry officially launched the India Blockchain Forum. The forum envisions a collaborative model with governments, regulators, industries, and academia, helping build a strong foundation for making India the global hub of Blockchain and Web 3.0.

To increase awareness about Blockchain and Web 3.0, the forum plans “to establish Community Chapters throughout the country to raise awareness about and access to global best practices”. As part of this process, the forum will now open membership to all interested parties, aiming to build the largest web 3.0 community in the world, according to its press release. 

India Blockchain Forum – The 10 Points Agenda

The India Blockchain Forum said in the press release that they have created a comprehensive 10-point agenda to start with. They are:

  1. Build an India Blockchain Stack 
  2. Policy Advocacy 
  3. Accelerate start-up ecosystem 
  4. Support Blockchain technology companies 
  5. Create a talent pool for sustainable growth of the Blockchain ecosystem 
  6. Collaborate with academia and research institutions 
  7. India Blockchain Use Case Repository
  8. Hand-held corporates to adopt Web 3.0 technologies 
  9. Nurture communities
  10. Global collaboration

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India Blockchain Forum – Founding Members 

The forum has five founding members and over 40 leading influencers, which are setting up Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in areas like Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), Metaverse, Policy Frameworks, etc., to effectively adopt blockchain in India, the statement said. 

The founding members of the India Blockchain Forum are –

  1. Prasanna Lohar, CEO, Block Stack,
  2. Pankaj Diwan, Founder & CEO, Idealab’s FutureTech Ventures,
  3. Col (Dr.) Inderjeet Singh, Chief Cyber Security Officer, Vara Technologies,
  4. Sharat Chandra, Blockchain Evangelist and
  5. Srinivas Mahankali, Chief Business Officer, Secure Kloud Technologies

They are active contributors to several initiatives related to Blockchain, including a national blockchain strategy paper released by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology in 2021, it said. 

“The current members include experts on policy formulation, emerging areas like Non-Functionable Tokens (NFTs), the Metaverse, and CBDC, cyber security, and also tech architects, global thought leaders, and leaders on Blockchain and enterprise adoption for Web3.0,” the press release said. 

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Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Industry and Commerce & Information Technology, Telangana State government, appreciated the team for creating a platform to effectively adopt and grow the Blockchain ecosystem in India.

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