Increasing Demand for Digital Assets Among Institutions

The ongoing global crypto adoption is unlikely to slow down, bolstered by increased mainstream presence, geopolitical events, and financial decision-making. Acceptance of digital assets by several nations and global corporations has kindled institutions to venture out and offer crypto trading services. They are foreseeing the revolutionary potential of virtual assets with coin development and initial coin offering(ICOs) becoming viable options for capital funding. Governments worldwide have rescinded their conservative stances with their central banks upholding either CBDC or crypto regulation. This is actually beneficial for the crypto community if done without stalling innovation.

Demand for Digital Assets Among Institutions

According to a survey by fidelity digital assets,

  • 60% of investors believe crypto must have a place in their investment portfolio
  • 36% of institutional investors already invested in cryptocurrencies
  • Almost 80% feel there is something appealing about digital assets

“ The institutional space for crypto is going through a period of incredible growth. Many still don’t realize it. Coinbase Custody now has close to 200 institutional customers, onboarding hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars in crypto a week.” — Brian Armstrong, CEO Coinbase.

The scope of incorporating crypto is practically limitless. Appreciating trust and transparency across the digital ecosystem, institutional investors are finding value in white label crypto products and blockchain-powered solutions. Popular options include crypto exchange architecture, portfolio management systems, crypto custodial services, and payment gateways. The underlying blockchain technology has been integrated across supply chain systems and the financial infrastructure of countless organizations. And, we have not even started about the upcoming Metaverse and Web 3.0 transformation. The future economy will need assets that are decentralized, and cryptocurrencies fit the bill perfectly.

Although bitcoin is the final step in terms of demand for digital assets among institutions, many others have recently stepped into other parts of the crypto & blockchain industry. NFTs and metaverse are two interwoven sectors where institutions are actively investing – rather than just passively investing in a cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

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