Reliance CEO Ambani Promises AI to Everyone!

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, has accepted the challenge by Sam Altman. He earlier stated that it would be difficult for Indians to build ChatGPT. Ambani seems confident to take up the challenge and prove Altman wrong.

Altman Mocks Indian Technology, Reliance Takes Up the Challenge!

During the 46th Reliance Annual General Meeting, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, announced that Jio would create new AI systems for everyone in India. This announcement was made in response to Sam Altman’s earlier statement. Ambani was confident in taking up the challenge. He said, “Jio promises AI to everyone, everywhere. And we shall deliver.”

Altman’s recent statement has received much attention in India, where he expressed doubt about the Indian tech industry’s ability to create an AI tool comparable to ChatGPT. During an event, he stated that the attempt was “hopeless” and that India would face significant challenges in achieving this feat.

Challenge Accepted After Altman Mocks Indian Technology

In response to Sam Altman’s recent statement regarding the Indian technology industry’s ability to create an AI tool comparable to ChatGPT, Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman and MD of Reliance Industries, has expressed a strong determination. He emphasized that India has the necessary resources and commitment to excel in the field of AI.

Ambani expressed that Jio Platforms aims to take charge in creating AI models and solutions that are tailored for India and can be used by its citizens, businesses, and government. He believes that India has the necessary resources, including scale, data, and talent, to lead the way in the field of AI.

Rajan Anandan, a well-known venture capitalist and former head of Google India, had asked Sam Altman about the possibility of Indians replicating the ChatGPT model. In response, Altman highlighted the enormous challenge of competing with OpenAI and stated that attempting to challenge them in training foundational models would be “completely hopeless.” However, he also acknowledged the importance of pursuing such endeavors, despite the slim odds of success.

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Reliance Jio Prepping the Stage for AI Adoption

Jio is currently making preparations to facilitate the growth. Along with talent development and capabilities needed for the adoption of global AI innovations. Especially in Generative AI. Mukesh Ambani announces Jio Platforms to lead in developing India-specific AI models and AI-powered solutions. Thereafter, for various domains. Thus, ensuring that the benefits of AI are available to Indian citizens, businesses, and the government.

During the Reliance AGM, Ambani recognized India’s potential in AI. Thereby, owing to its scale, data abundance, and talent pool. He also emphasized the necessity of a “robust digital infrastructure” to handle the vast computational demands of AI. In response, RIL has committed to creating up to “2000 MW of AI-ready computing capacity”. Moreover, across both cloud and edge locations. Thereby, maintaining a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Reliance Promises AI to Everyone!

Mukesh Ambani asserted that Jio kept its promise of providing broadband connectivity to every corner of India. Thereafter, he confidently declares ‘AI to everyone, everywhere‘.

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