Top NFT Development Companies to Watch in 2023

NFTs are the next big buzzword that is said to be one of the following big things in the digital universe. NFTs, the acronym of Non-Fungible Tokens, are a way to add scarcity to digital assets, making them valuable. This allows the users to buy, collect, trade, and invest in them. NFTs are an essential part of Web3, and while the world prepares for the transition, it is crucial to be updated with the new trends and technology. However, non-tangible items often take time to be understood. People often come up with questions, like what are NFTs, and how do they work? Before delving deep into the article – Top NFT development companies to watch in 2023, it is essential to clarify the basics. 

What are NFTs? How Do They Work?

The term “fungible” means replaceable witty another item of similar value. The ERC-721 gave birth to the NFTs, which are the cryptographic assets on a blockchain network with distinctive identification codes and metadata that separate them from each other. These tokens are not similar to how cryptocurrencies work and cannot be exchanged or traded at equivalent rates. NFTs can represent real-world objects like artworks and real estate. 

For example, if you have a $5 bill, you can exchange it for any other item worth $5. However, if your $5 bill has a celebrity autograph on it, its value immediately increases to a $1000 worth note. These are irreplaceable and considered non-fungible. NFTs are similar, only available digitally, and are used to represent an asset or ownership. 

NFTs have gathered prominence and popularity in the digital art world, which allows creators, and artists to make money like they do in the real world. By now, we know the power of the internet and have seen even stupid and uninformative videos go viral. NFTs are like these memes that can be anything but people like to keep them to their ownership. 

For anyone who wants to raise money for a cause, sell digital art or even invest in some risky rewarding asset can become a part of the NFT community. Buyers and sellers must own a crypto wallet provided by several blockchain development companies. They need to transfer money to a digital platform and buy cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum which is one of the frontrunners of the NFT blockchain platform. Finally, they can be utilized to create and upload NFTs in the digital marketplace to buy and sell products. 

NFT Development Over the Years And its Potential in Future

The non-fungible tokens have been existing for a while, yet it was only in recent times that the term has been popular among people. The trading of NFTs has been growing at an exponential rate, which has encouraged several enterprises to develop NFTs and sell them in the digital marketplace. Every month, the OpenSea platform observes 250,000 users trading NFTs. in 2020, traditional art reached $50 million. However, in 2021, the NFT industry crossed traditional art sales by reaching $41 billion worth of digital art. From $94.9 million in 2020, the NFT sales volume increased and reached $24.9 billion in 2021. Similarly, the NFT wallet trading also observed a rapid growth from 545,000 in 2020, to 28.6 million in 2021. 

According to the Jefferies report, the NFT market will reach $80billion by 2025. The LarvaLabs brainchild, CryptoPunks which runs on the Ethereum blockchain network made some of the highest NFT sales and are responsible for the top five NFT sales out of twenty. In the early days of March 2021, Beeple (a digital artists NFT group) sold over $69 million. The sale consisted of some of the expensive digital art pieces sold until today. The work was a collage of the first five thousand days of work of the Beeple. 

How to Build an NFT Marketplace & DApps?

If you are planning to enter the blockchain industry, now is the time. You can make enough money in an NFT marketplace, and engrave your name as an NFT expert. The NFT development companies or NFT developers code the NFT marketplaces from scratch and use cloners or white-label NFT solutions and others. These marketplaces must have some inbuilt features such as a dashboard, storefront, NFT listing, NFT minting, filters, collections, search reviews, ratings, bid and buy functions, wallets, and receiving and sending. These involve coding and designing smart contracts from scratch. 

If you are planning to build an NFT marketplace, it is best to hire an NFT development company with an expert team that provides the features and quality you are looking for. These companies usually hire trained, and certified experts in web3, blockchain, smart contracts, and coding. The average cost of developing an NFT marketplace or decentralized application is between $100,000 to millions. The number varies depending on the type of product features you are looking for. However, since it involves huge investment, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and look for the NFT development companies that are trending. 

10 Best NFT Development Companies in 2023

1. Blockchain Australia
2. ScienceSoft
3. Zfort
4. Blockchain App Factory
6. AppDupe
7. LeewayHertz
8. Antier Solutions
9. Maticz
10. Chaincella

We have prepared a comprehensive list of the top 10 best NFT development companies to look for in 2023, and take your first step in the NFT industry, and web3 community. 

1. Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia is a globally acclaimed blockchain development company. The blockchain development company offers blockchain consulting services, applications, and ICO development. The company is famous to help its clients connect existing and new HTTP RESTY APIs to make the most of the blockchain tech tools. The company also offers NFT services that comprise:

  • Metaverse development
  • Game development
  • NFT consulting, 
  • NFT design and creation
  • NFT issuance platform
  • Tokenomics
  • White-label NFT marketplace

About Company:

  1. Location: Australia
  2. Employee Strength: <250
  3. Revenue: $300/hr

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2. ScienceSoft

Sciencesoft develops a decentralized marketplace for action-based or fixed-price NFT selling. The company offers decentralized application development, crypto wallets, smart contracts, asset tokenization platforms, and others. The firm works with blockchain networks such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Solana, Graphene, and Fabric. The company focuses on the security of NFT marketplaces by offering stability, testing its components, and proper functioning. ScienceSoft offers NFT services such as:

  • Development of NFT transaction systems
  • NFT creation
  • NFT bidding
  • NFT transferring and redeeming
  • NFT smart contract development

About Company:

  1. Employee strength: 700+
  2. Location: Dallas, USA
  3. Revenue: $30 million/year

3. Zfort

The Zfort group works on NFT development alongside blockchain and crypto development. They rebuild and maintain custom software, along with customized products. The company focuses on developing customized NFT marketplaces from scratch and works on Ethereum ERC- 998,721,1155,875 and others. Along with blockchain development, they can handle Proof of Work and Proof of Concept blockchain networks. Zfort offers a wide range of NFT services such as:

  • CryptoPunks
  • CryptoKitties
  • Customize NFT marketplaces from scratch
  • NFT tokens
  • OpenSea
  • NFT exchanges
  • Develop NFT for software licensing
  • Develop NFT games and gaming platforms
  • Develop NFT for loan platforms

About Company:

  1. Location: Kharkiv
  2. Employee Strength: 250-500
  3. Revenue: $5 to $25 million/year

4. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory is a Tokyo-based blockchain development company that provides services in NFT development, crypto development, blockchain development, ICO/IFO/IDO/STO, DeFi, and crypto-wallets. The company works with NFT platforms based on the Ethereum blockchain, Binance Chain, Flow, Solana, Matic, etc. Some of the NFT services, that the firm offers are:

  • NFT white-label marketplaces
  • NFT Platform clones
  • NFT exchanges, wallets, and tokens

About Company:

  1. Location: Tokyo
  2. Employee strength: 250-500
  3. Revenue: $5 million


The NFT development company INORU also offers crypto products and application development, trending games, etc. Since the main focus is on NFTs, the company offers custom-made NFT metaverse development, NFT game clones, and other products. Some other services that INORU offers are:

  • NFT exchange platforms
  • NFT smart contracts for games, sports, music, fashion, arts, architecture, real estate, collectibles, and others. 
  • NFT minting platforms
  • NFT art tokenization
  • NFT collectible marketing

About Company:

  1. Location: Singapore
  2. Employee strength: 100-250
  3. Revenue: $18.6 million

6. AppDupe

To tokenize precious digital collectibles and make them into global currencies, AppDupe provides its team of experts and innovative solutions. They integrate games, NFT, smart contracts, blockchain, and other similar technologies as required. Another important area the company focuses on is developing a connection between NFTs and DeFi such as NFT fractionalization, play-to-earn metaverse, and community-based branding. Some of the NFT services they provide are:

  • NFT gaming
  • NFT social tokens
  • NFT exchange platforms
  • Crypto-collectibles
  • Peer-to-peer NFT exchanges
  • NFT lending platforms
  • NFT for games, sports, real estate, music, etc.

About Company:

  1. Location: Bangalore
  2. Revenue: $50 to $100/hourly
  3. Employee Strength: 50-200

7. LeewayHertz

The software development company, LeewayHertz is US-based and develops IoT platforms, NFT products, NFT metaverse, AI platforms, and applications. The firm develops its blockchain solutions on Solana, Stellar, Ethereum, and XDC network blockchains. Some of the NFT development services that LeewayHertz provides are:

  • NFT storage solutions
  • NFT marketplaces
  • NFT gaming marketplaces
  • Decentralized Cloud Storage
  • Web3 platforms
  • Metaverse

About Company:

  1. Location: San Francisco, USA
  2. Employee Strength: 50-200
  3. Revenue: $10 million

8. Antier Solutions

The Antier solutions provide decentralized app development and NFT token development. The NFT token development services of the company offer asset fractionalization, programmable equity, secure wallet, liquidity provision, and automated SEC complaint. The NFT services Antier Solutions offers are:

  • NFT games and gaming platforms
  • Semi-fungible token development
  • NFT marketplaces

About Company:

  1. Location: Punjab, India
  2. Employee strength: 250-500
  3. Revenue: $50/hour

9. Maticz

The blockchain development company provides end-to-end NFT token development services. They build tokens, crypto exchanges, DeFi tokens, DeFi staking, local exchange clones, and DeFi yield farming. The company offers a wide range of NFT services such as:

  • NFT mining software
  • NFT maintenance
  • NFT marketplaces
  • NFT smart contracts
  • White-label NFT marketplace
  • NFT audits
  • OpenSea Clone
  • Rarible Clone
  • NFT for art, music, etc.

About Company:

  1. Employee strength: 10-50
  2. Location: Madurai, India
  3. Revenue: Upto $18million

10. Chaincella

Chaincella specializes in providing NFT marketing services, and NFT development. The company provides different services across several industries including sports, gaming, music, arts, real estate, and memes. Chaincella is a part of the Blockchain App Factory. Some of the NFT services that Chaincella provides are:

  • NFT games
  • NFT token development
  • NFT social media marketing
  • NFT tokens
  • Community management
  • NFT listing
  • White-label NFT marketplaces

About Company:

  1. Location: Tamil Nadu, India
  2. Employee Strength: 250-500
  3. Revenue: $5 million

In Conclusion

There is always a question mark among people when it comes to NFTs. Is it just a phase or will it truly revolutionize how the world works? Experts say that the hype may pass eventually, but positively as it settles into our lives becoming a “new normal”. While the world prepares for the transition from web2 to web3, the above list of NFT development companies will help you to choose some of the best services for your new venture.

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