MetaBlaze Sets Up a Web3 Ecosystem Powered by the MBLZ Crypto

MetaBlaze has taken its time in developing a robust web3 strategy that provides maximum value for players. While committed to creating an immersive, immersive 3D metaverse, and understanding that GameFi titles should embrace more elements from the Web3, rather than focus exclusively on the gameplay, MetaBlaze has thoughtfully considered every facet of their expanding web3 ecosystem. The complex, interconnected nature of the MetaBlazes platform guarantees it will be a major competitor within the crypto sphere.

Exploring the Web3 Ecosystem

No matter what developers are working on at Web3, it is very likely that the word ecosystem will come up. Many people in the cryptocurrency space are looking to create the most connected, interactive portal for people to consume their decentralized applications, known as dApps. Creating a sustainable ecosystem is particularly stated in the GameFi space. However, not every Web3 game embraces the “ecosystem spirit” to the max.

Too often, Web3 developers simply focus on building an enclosed in-game ecosystem, rather than expanding into the wider cryptocurrency industry. The team behind GameFi Project MetaBlaze has been interested in building an actual Web3 ecosystem for some time now. Well, rather than focus on a single aspect of GameFi, such as NFTs or Play-to-Earn, MetaBlaze is working on introducing dozens of ways for players to engage and explore Web3. While MetaBlaze is committed to making an AAA 3D fantasy game that is aimed at players against players, the developers realize GameFi titles require a varied Web3 ecosystem.

Without a properly built-out Web3 experience, a Blockchain-based video game is no more or less than your average console title. MetaBlaze believes that many of the value propositions offered by Web3 need to be just as meaningful as a company’s iconic online title.

Abut the MetaBlaze Project

MetaBlaze plans to keep users engaged, offering dozens of ways for them to engage with their platform. If individuals are excited about playing a MetaBlaze game or the BLAZEdApp, they could use NFT pick-ups and play for rewards. However, passive investors have a lot of options. MetaBlaze, for example, allows non-players to get involved with its ecosystem by renting out Metaverse land or avatar NFTs to other players.

There are even ways for folks not involved with the MetaBlaze games to support the project through cash pools on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. The key reason why MetaBlaze has such an unobtrusive, functional ecosystem is because of its token, MBLZ. The MBLZ token will launch first in Binance’s smart chain, followed by releasing an Ethereum version of it at the end of 2022. MetaBlaze is also working to develop a secure bridge between the BSC and Ethereum. By being on both these popular Layer One Blockchains, MetaBlaze is in a position to offer outstanding liquidity for players in the top-ranked Decentralized Exchange in the world.

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Additionally, because MBLZ will be on the BSC and Ethereum, holders could easily hold, transact, and use MBLZ in countless other decentralized protocols. But it is not only the fact that MBLZ will be on Ethereum and BSC that will help to grow the MetaBlaze ecosystem. MetaBlaze developers are placing an enormous focus on MBLZs tokenomics.

Rather than leaving MBLZs to value up to chance, MetaBlaze developed an AI system that would actively track the market demand of MBLZ. Whenever MetaBlazes AI senses substantial selling pressure, it will automatically purchase and burn the MBLZ tokens. MetaBlaze has also promised to burn up to 48% of MBLZs token supply in order to keep prices stable. These strategies will ensure that MBLZ tokens retain their value within a volatile cryptocurrency market, increasing their usefulness across Web3.

Although MBLZ will be launching as an EGP-20 token soon at PancakeSwap, MetaBlazes last round of MBLZ token pre-sale is underway. Anyone who takes part in this pre-sale round will receive 5% of the tokens reward, as well as no fees or slippage associated with using the decentralized exchange. People can learn more about the current MBLZ pre-sale at, or join the MetaBlaze Telegram channel for conversation with the core team.

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