PXR Web3 Aims High in the Blockchain and Crypto Marketing

PXR Web3 a marketing agency that specializes in crypto, blockchain, and Web3 projects offers clients strategic & operational marketing services that will help them achieve growth goals. 

PXF Web3 Services:

  • Marketing management: Their Crypto and Blockchain Project Marketing management is comprised of the skill-sets and tools for structuring well-defined marketing plans and meeting Web3 startup’s growth goals. 
  • Social Media & Graphic Design: A dedicated team for social media and graphic design, equipped with updated tools to assist with social media copywriting, planning & posting, and online advertising. 

Marketing for Crypto and Token IDOs: 

PXR Web3 is dedicated to crypto and token launch marketing. Whitelisting & Airdrop campaigns for raising crypto/tokens pre-IDO values. The Agency has been working with multiple exchanges on executing collaborative marketing campaigns both pre- and post-IDO. 

  • Content Creation & Social Media Management.
  • Advertising is done on major platforms like Google or Twitter.
  • Whitelisting campaigns and airdrops to raise cryptocurrency/token values prior to the IDO.
  • PR and organic content to reach major digital outlets.
  • SEO and keyword plan to place the project at the top.
  • Community building & guerilla marketing for organic growth.

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Clients & Projects:

PXR Web3 is a brand from PXR Italy, a marketing consultancy that has been globally visible for years. 

  • Cloudname: Cloudname is the first market that has integrated trading Web2 and Web3 domains and has just entered into an agreement with one of the leading companies for cryptocurrencies domains on a mainstream marketplace. 
  • Freename: Freename is the Web3 domains company, which allows users to register and mint on blockchain their top-level domains, like freename. The project is set to officially launch in the second half of this year, but users are able to register now ahead of time. Among the customers for PXR Web3 are investment funds and VCs who advised their startups to take up the PXR services in order to maximize ROI via marketing. 

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