Radware Launches New Crypto Mitigation Algorithms to Counter Bad Bots

Radware, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and application delivery, announced that it has enhanced its Bot Manager with a new suite of encryption mitigation algorithms. Inspired by blockchain methodologies, the algorithms help plug the security gaps that allow sophisticated bots to bypass conventional CAPTCHA solutions in order to damage websites or applications. At the same time, they allow real site visitors to enjoy frictionless, captcha-free user experiences. According to research by Radware, between the years 2021-2022, the number of Gen 4 bot attacks increased by 144%.

“The bad bot problem continues to get bigger for organizations large and small. Bad bots are being used for everything from scavenging concert tickets and stockpiling baby formula and video game consoles to account takeovers and credit card fraud,” said Dr. David Aviv, Radware’s chief technology officer.

While using captchas has been the most popular way of trying to prevent bots from entering websites, the use of a captcha may result in poor user experience, customer frustration, and abandonment. Furthermore, using a variety of techniques to avoid digital fingerprinting, along with CAPTCHA-avoidance plug-ins and CAPTCHA-solving farms, bot kingpins may avoid using CAPTCHAs entirely, making it an even greater challenge to ensure that web properties are safe from bots than before.

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To combat these tactics, Radware’s new encryption mitigation algorithms are forming the foundation of the new Zero Trust posture for publically exposed web and API applications. Because mitigation happens behind the scenes, it is invisible to visitors, making it not only harder for malicious actors to interfere, but it creates a more seamless web experience for the end-user. To strengthen the application security, mitigation is continuous as well.

It works at nearly zero-time-out intervals, keeping the machines of the bad bots busy and depleting their resources, as well as curbing the motivation of the bot’s owners to launch attacks. For two years running, Radware has been recognized as a technology leader in the SPARK Matrix: Bot Control by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, an analysis of the global market for bot control. Radware Bot Manager defends against all forms of automated attacks, including account hijacking, stock denial, application DDoS, advertising fraud, and payment scraping. Businesses can assess the financial costs that their businesses are incurring due to bad bots, according to industry, traffic volumes, revenues, and infrastructure costs, using the Radware Bad Bot Business Impact Calculator.

About Radware:

Radware is the worlds leading provider of application delivery solutions and cybersecurity solutions for virtual, cloud, and software-defined data centers. Our award-winning solutions portfolio delivers the level of security required to ensure the availability of critical applications, maximizing IT effectiveness. Radware solutions enable over 10,000 enterprise and carrier customers globally to rapidly adapt to market challenges, ensure business continuity, and maximize performance, all while keeping costs in check.

Radware’s corporate headquarters are located in the United States (Mahwah, New Jersey) while its international headquarters are located in Tel Aviv. Global presence includes offices throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

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